GACAB (Global Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies Welfare Association) is an industry association that represents accredited certification bodies (also referred to as Conformity Assessment Bodies) across a broad range of certification markets.

GACAB assists its members by promoting the use of accredited certification, represents its members in liaising with accreditation and industry bodies, and supports the continual improvement of certification schemes and regulatory frameworks to deliver the best possible outcomes for end users of third-party certification.

GACAB and its members operate globally. GACAB invites membership enquiries from any interested and accredited Certification Body / Conformity Assessment Body, or associate membership enquiries from any relevant industry, accreditation and regulatory organisations and their members.

  • Our Mission

  • Business Objectives

To ensure accredited certification of management systems, products and personnel is understood, accepted and valued by key stakeholder groups, including government, industry associations and, both, public and private organisations.

• To have organisations who engage a ICAB member, receive a credible service that facilitates organisational improvement and the reduction of operational risk;

• To be accepted and respected as the voice of accredited certification bodies by relevant accreditation bodies;

• To Maximise the impact of the GACAB through the establishment of coalitions with parties of interest in our sphere;

• To share relevant information between members to provide a platform of views on key issues.