GACAB (Global Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies Welfare Association) assists its members by promoting the use of accredited certification, represents its members in liaising with accreditation and industry bodies, and supports the continual improvement of certification schemes and regulatory frameworks to deliver the best possible outcomes for end users of third-party certification.

Membership to an Industry body like the GACAB demonstrates to industry and other interested parties that your company is committed to abiding by the legal and ethical requirements of membership to the GACAB and also its commitment to remaining knowledgeable about what is happening in the industry.


As an GACAB member you get the opportunity to meet with other certification and industry bodies, and discuss issues that affect your business.


You get the opportunity to meet with IAS and other relevant stakeholders in an open forum to discuss issues and achieve a consistent understanding of requirements, and to discuss with stakeholders and other GACAB members ways in which we can all improve our service.


GACAB members do not need to be certification bodies. We encourage stakeholders, industry associations, professional associations to join so that we can ensure we are representing the various people who have an interest in accredited certification and ensuring that we as an association continue to meet the needs of industry.


Attendance at GACAB meetings is not compulsory. You can participate in whatever way works for you by attending emails, participating in forums, or committees or just emailing issues to the secretary for consideration.